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Suppliers & Friends

Great food starts with great ingredients. We are proud to partner with a talented group of purveyors, helping us put only the good stuff into our soups, salads, and sandwiches. 


Brooklyn Brewery
Brooklyn Brewery is dedicated to brewing and selling great beer and enriching the communities they serve. Together, these Brooklynites have assembled the skills needed to transform a home brewing hobby into an independent brewery with a brand that has become an international beacon for good beer.
Location: Williamsburg, NY
Products: Brooklyn Lager, used in our White Bean, Kale & Sausage and Loaded Potato Soups
Frantoia’s marries tradition and advance technology to produce elegant full bodied gold green olive oil, with a rich aroma, delicate fruity flavor and a slight aftertaste of sweet almonds.
Location: Sicily, Italy
Products: Extra virgin olive oil, used in our salad dressings
Joyce Farms
Family owned and operated, Joyce Farms specializes in naturally raised poultry, beef, and game birds with robust, natural flavors. They run a tight ship and are renowned for sustainable agricultural practices and commitment to all-natural breeding techniques.
Location: Winston Salem, North Carolina
Products: Beef, used in our Beef and Barley, and Beef and Vegetable soups
Chicken, used in our Chicken Salad Sandwich and Coconut Chicken Bowl
JUST Water
JUST is a like-minded group which came together to drive social and environmental impact through a better kind of business. Their product is simply, spring water and packaging is made with renewable resources that can be regrown naturally. 
Location: Glen Falls, NY
Products: Boxed water for sale in our stores

Koch’s Turkey
A 100% certified humane farm, Koch’s is one of the few family-owned turkey farms remaining in the U.S. Their turkeys are antibiotic free and have free range access. The result: happier and better tasting turkeys.
Location: Tamaqua, PA
Products: Turkey Sandwich

La Quercia
La Quercia uses pork from family farms in the Midwest that raise their animals humanely and without antibiotics or hormones.
Location: Norwalk, Iowa
Products: Prosciutto, used in our Prosciutto & Fresh Mozzarella sandwich and some of our soups
Lioni Latticini
The Salzarulo family began their mozzarella tradition over 100 years ago in Lioni, Italy. After moving to Brooklyn and transforming into a nationally recognized manufacturer, Lioni Latticini remains committed to their family’s original recipes and quality standards.
Location: Union, NJ
Products: Fresh mozzarella, used in our Prosciutto & Fresh Mozzarella sandwich
Monfefo has been handcrafting organic cold-pressed beverages in their Brooklyn factory since 2014. Every batch is made with love and attention, allowing for a high vibrational product.
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Products: Ginger Shots, used in our Get Well Kit
Pain D’Avignon
Founding principle: fine breads deserve to be the center of the dining experience, not a mere afterthought. Pain D’Avignon does not rely on preservatives or artificial ingredients, but on high quality.
Location: Long Island City, NY
Products: White rolls, used for our Turkey sandwich 
Pell Farms
Pell Farms grows a very special small strawberry that is dark red right through to the calex. Pell Farms’ field-ripened berries are received the day after picking. You can still smell the sun-warmed, intense berry aroma emanating from each case, a real treat in summer and early fall.
Location: Somers, CT
Products: Strawberries, used in summer soups and salads
Pilot Kombucha
Pilot launched in 2015 with one goal: to bring gut health to the hedonistic food lovers of NYC. Using a mix of organic and fair trade ingredients, and sacrificing a longer shelf-life for more nutritious bacteria, Pilot offers products you can feel good about.
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Products: Kombucha sold in our stores, and used in our Get Well Kit
Satur Farms
Satur Farms grow’s the finest baby leaf and leafy greens on their 160 acres of sandy loam soil. They incorporate sustainable farming methods and adhere to sound agricultural practices with a focus on respect for the soil.
Location: Cutchogue, NY
Products: Greens, used in our salads and various soups 
Senat Poultry
Senat’s poultry are hormone and antibiotic free and are 100% vegetarian grain-fed. All of their chickens are free of GMO, pesticides, and hormones.
Location: Patterson, NJ
Products: Chickens, used in our soups and sandwiches
Sfoglini (Sfo-lee-nee) opened their doors in 2012 with one clear mission: bring classic Italian style pasta back to NYC. They’re dedicated to sourcing top quality American organic grains and using traditional Italian methods.
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Products: Cavatelli, used in our Chicken & Vegetable Soup, and also featured in our Get Well Kit

Yolélé’s primary purpose is to invest in rural West African communities to create an economy and opportunities for small farmers. They buy fonio, a super grain rich in protein, vitamins, and amino acids directly from these farmers.
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Products: Fonio, served with our West African Peanut Stew.

Murray's Cheese
Founded in 1940 by Murray Greenberg, Murray’s Cheese is proud to be a Greenwich Village tradition and part of the neighborhood’s rich food history. Murray's is cheese obsessed. Their goal is to find the most delicious cheese and specialty grocery items from across the globe, teach you a bit about them, and then make sure you enjoy them.
Location: New York, NY
Products: Cheddar, used in our Grilled Cheese, Bacon Egg & Cheese Congee, Spring Egg Sandwich

The Farmer's Hen 
The Farmer’s Hen knows what it takes to complement a diet with safe, healthy eggs with no harmful antibiotics or hormones. They are owned and operated by CMC Food, happy to specialize in the sale of cage free and organic eggs, certified humane. They created their brand with the goal of selling not just high-quality eggs, but also peace of mind. They stand behind every egg they sell, and they’re all born in the USA.
Location: Elizabeth, New Jersey
Products: Eggs, used in Bacon Egg & Cheese Congee, Spring Egg Sandwich, Soft Boiled Eggs added to Bone Broth

Freebird Chicken
FreeBird® is devoted to raising high-quality poultry that tastes great and is good for the Earth. They understand the value of transparency and ethical practices, and keep them at the core of their business. Their flocks are only fed a high-quality, fortified vegetarian diet, and their chickens have plenty of room to roam in comfortable barns where food and water are readily available. All chickens are antibiotic free.
Products: Chicken, used in various soups


Benton's Smoky Mountain Country Hams
Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams are slow cured using salt, brown sugar, curing salt, and pepper and are typically aged 8-10 months, though hams are available 1 year and older. This time-honored practice dates back to the era of our forefathers, when the preparation and preservation of meat was a way of life and sustenance. Although the hands of time and technology have sculpted many aspects of our modern world, at Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams they have upheld the traditional dry-curing process and are striving to produce world class country hams and bacon. 
Location: Madisonville, Tennessee
Products: Bacon, used in our Bacon Egg & Cheese Congee, available to top various soups and our Spring Egg Sandwich 


BRINS Jam was founded by Candice Ross - part architect, whole jammer. It all started in her tiny Brooklyn apartment, making preserves out of the abundant care packages of backyard citrus and herbs from family in Louisiana. Her inspiration came from near & far, having spent her early career traveling around Asia, Europe and the Middle East. She believes that the best way to share home is through flavor, and reflects this in the jams and marmalades that she creates. 
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Products: BRINS Banana Jam, used in our Coconut Overnight Oats


Square Roots
Square Roots is on a mission to bring local, real food to people in cities around the world and empower next-gen leaders in urban farming. They have recognized that our cities are at the mercy of an industrial food system that ships in high-calorie, low-nutrient, processed food from thousands of miles away. It leaves us disconnected from the comfort, the nourishment, and the taste of food—not to mention the people who grow it. People want real, local food—food you can trust to nourish your body, the community, and the planet. And they want it all year round, grown in the cities where they live.
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Products: Basil, used in our Basil Oil - great in our soups and Bone Broth


Toufayan Bakeries
The Toufayan family has been baking breads with quality and care since 1926. Over 90 years later, they are still family owned and one of the largest, privately-held specialty bakeries in the United States, specializing in wheat-based wraps and pita breads. They are also notable for their charitable commitments. The company is a corporate sponsor to the National MS Society and holds fundraising events multiple times a year. 
Products: Wraps, used for our Thai Vegetable Wrap

Bernard Ranches
Vince and Vicki Bernard began farming their land in 1979. Their land is farmed sustainably by relying on the use of beneficial insects, avoiding the use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides, and the use of drip irrigation systems. Their soil is fertilized with seaweed and urea and mushroom compost is added for an added hit of nitrogen compound – an element that fruit trees crave. The superior flavor and sweetness of Bernard Ranch citrus fruits is the combined result of ultra-rich, seaweed-packed soil, ideal terroir and hands-on farming. These people love what they do for a living.
Location: Riverside, California
Products: Lemons, used in various soups and our Lemon Drop Bone Broth Flavor Bomb

FAGE has been making dairy products with the finest and freshest ingredients for nearly 100 years. The business began with the Filippou family in Athens, Greece in 1926. It wasn't until 2000 that the business moved to the United States, with the third generation of the Filippou family making their products in upstate New York. 
Location:Upstate New York
Products:FAGE 5% Greek Yogurt, used in Yogurt Parfait and Oats Squared


Spindrift Beverage Co. 
Spindrift Beverage Co. celebrates the taste of real, simple ingredients everyday. They believe that real food deserves a real drink to go with it. And, something that you can also feel good about drinking. Their products are made with sparkling water and real squeezed fruit, that's it. 
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Products: Spindrift sparking waters sold in our stores


Bob's Red Mill Oats
Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods produces more than 400 products, including a full line of certified gluten free products and an extensive line of certified organic products. Their Gluten Free Old Fashioned Rolled Oats make a deliciously hearty, whole grain cereal that gives you lasting energy. To ensure that these types of oats maintain their gluten free integrity, they handle them with care in our dedicated facility. They’re a great way to add dietary fiber to your diet and a wonderful low glycemic load for breakfast, a snack or baking.
Location: Portland, Oregon
Products: Bob's Gluten Free Old Fashioned Rolled Oats, used in Coconut Oats and Oats Squared

lacopi Farms
Since 1962, father and son team Louis and Mike Iacopi have been farming 200 acres in the cool, seaside town of Half Moon Bay. A three-generation farming family originally from Lucca Italy, they're best known for their fresh shelling and dry bean varieties including Italian Butter, Cranberry, Borlotti, Gigante and Cannelini. These heirloom varieties were brought to California in the 1930’s by the family’s patriarch, Michele Iacopi, and are cherished by some of the most prominent restaurants in Napa, Sonoma and San Francisco counties. 
Location: Half Moon Bay, California 
Products: Beans in our Pasta Fagiole soup