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Up Your Garnish Game

by Ben LeBlanc June 24, 2021

Up Your Garnish Game

Nothing takes a soup from boring to beautiful like thinly sliced chives floating on its surface.Their bright green color brings a certain elegance to the dish, a classy bit of flair. But the chive isn’t merely about looks. Their subtle flavor and gentle crunch make a soup beautiful on the inside too.So we’re going to tell you the best way to slice this wondrous garnish.



Step 1: Use a really sharp knife.

Please note that we didn’t say “cut chives,” and we certainly didn’t say “chop chives.” That’s because there’s only one proper way to prepare chives for garnishing, and that is by slicing. A sharp knife will make your job easier. Repeat until you have perfect little chive pieces ready for topping.

Step 2: Wash and thoroughly dry the chives.

If they’re wet, they’ll bunch together and won’t slice cleanly. They’ll also clump together when you goto spread them atop your dish, preventing your dish from achieving maximum attractiveness.

Step 3: Get ready for slicing.

Gently pinch together as many chives as you’re comfortable slicing at a time. It’s easier to slice more than one at a time, but no need to be a hero and grab the whole bunch either. Trying to slice too many will result in rough, jagged edges.Now it’s time to tuck your fingers, because you’re handling a very sharp knife. (You are handling a very sharp knife, right?).

Step 4. Finally time for slicing.

Place the tip of the knife on the cutting board, holding the blade over the chives. Gently push your knife forward and slowly bring the handle down so that the blade slices through the chives. It’s important to move forward first, as this will allow the blade to groove into the chives and give you a nice straight line to cut. When slicing, you should hear a faint and satisfying “shhh,” if anything. You should not be hearing a crunch. If you are, you’re chopping, not slicing. Repeat until you have perfect little chive pieces ready for topping. When you’ve got a mound of chives ready to be deployed, carefully grab a pinch, and gently rub your fingers for widespread chive dispersal.


Voilà, that class and elegance your soup deserves has been achieved.


Ben LeBlanc
Ben LeBlanc

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