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The Benefits of Eating Soup in The Summer.

July 18, 2019

The Benefits of Eating Soup in The Summer.

Heating Up In Order to Cool Down

In the summer heat, we crave iced coffee, cold swims, ice cream, and AC. It’s hard to beat that feeling of instant iciness, that cold blast that envelops your body. But, there’s another way to cool off. Did you know that eating hot foods in the summer heat is proven to actually cool you down? 

The proof is scattered throughout some of the hottest climates the world - southeast Asia, India, and the Caribbean, for example. These cultures eat hot foods, and specifically soups and stews, daily. The reason?

Fight Fire with Fire

When you eat something hot, you body’s receptors take note. Your brain tells your body it needs to cool down, and your internal temperature regulators kick in. Your circulation will improve, and you may sweat just a bit. But this is a good thing! This is how you cool down.

Eating hot soup on hot days also brings your body more inline with your environment. That ice cream cone feels like it’s cooling you down, but it’s actually causing you to move out of sync with your natural surroundings. Hot soup keeps you in balance. Counterintuitive as it may be, it’s a great idea to enjoy hot soup right now. 

Why else should you eat soup in the summer? Glad you asked! 

It’s So Good for You

Soup made the right way is a fortifying dish filled with nutrients our bodies need. If you’re trying to work more vegetables into your diet, for instance, soup is a fantastic way to do it. You may not even realize that while eating our Clean Green Machine, you’re getting your daily serving of vegetables from all the broccoli, spinach, kale and arugula that are in just one bowl of soup.

Soup, again made the right way, is also filled with micronutrients. Many of our soups are good sources of vitamins and minerals such as iron, folate, magnesium, and manganese. And because they are delicious, the healthiness is just a bonus. 

It’s Chilled Soup Season

You don’t want to eat hot foods on a hot day? We get that. May we introduce you to gazpacho, vichyssoise, pappa al pomodoro, and more? These are just a few of the many wonderful chilled soups around the world. Soup doesn’t have to be hot, and when vegetable season is at its peak, chilled soups are an amazing way to take advantage. Additionally, many of these soups are made with raw ingredients, so they’re incredibly healthy. All of their vitamin content is retained, so you’re basically drinking a salad. 

Seasonal Vegetables and Fruits

Summertime in the northeast is the absolute height of vegetable and produce season. Farmers markets are overflowing with delights that we only see for a few weeks each year. This means we have a whole new arsenal of amazing ingredients to create with. Tomatoes, sweet corn, eggplant, peaches, strawberries and so much more are at their best right now, and they are finding their way into our bowls.

Delicious is Always In Season

The temperature outside doesn’t dictate when we’ll eat something tasty or not. It’s too hot for tacos? Uh, no. It’s too cold for ice cream? Please move along, sir. I don’t want a cheeseburger because it’s raining? Stop talking to me. Ramen in July, ice cream sundaes in January, and everything in every month in between. We are food lovers, so if it tastes great, we are going to eat it. Especially if that’s soup.

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