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Soup for the Frontlines

Soup for the Frontlines

We are excited to announce a new initiative in an attempt to give back during the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve created two ways to help feed healthcare workers on the frontlines of the fight right now.

Healthcare workers are working selflessly and tirelessly under incredibly difficult circumstances right now. Fighting the coronavirus means long hours in dangerous conditions, and this is creating unimaginable levels of stress. We’d like to take one worry off their plate by putting good soup into their bowl.

This is particularly relevant right now as many hospitals have closed their cafeterias and communal food areas. The time and mental energy needed to plan meals to bring into work is gone too. This leads to hospital staff surviving on junk food and pizza right now. We’d like to give them something delicious, nutritious, and convenient to have on hand when much needed breaks arise. We’d like to give them Good Stock soup. We’ve created two ways you can help make this happen.

First, we’ve built a care package we're calling Soups, Stat!. It’s got 12 soups in total (2 each of our 6 most popular flavors), Garlic Croutons, and Brownie Bites. You can send this to a healthcare worker in your life, or you can let us choose the recipient. The idea is that the recipient would share them with their coworkers by leaving the soups in the communal fridge at work. Or they could simply have 12 meals of their own covered. The package is deeply discounted and includes shipping.

Second, customers now have the option to add a Donate a Soup to your regular order. We’ll then make sure that the aggregate of these soups gets into the hands healthcare workers in need.

We’re calling on the Soup Troop to help in a few ways. First, if you know of healthcare workers or organizations in need right now, please share this sign up form with them. There, they can sign up to be on our list of recipients for soup. Second, please share this with anyone you think is looking for ways to give back. The more people who know about this, the more we all can help. Third, you can buy some soup, of course!

Community has always been a big part of whom we are at Good Stock. We’ve always known we’re a small part of a large world. And no part of this would have happened without the help of many. So we’re excited for the opportunity to rally with the Soup Troop and give a little bit back right now. Especially during a time when that is needed so much.

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Nicole Urban
Nicole Urban

April 11, 2020

Hi! I’m a covid icu nurse in nyc. Would love to try your foods! Thanks so much

Raquel Levin
Raquel Levin

April 10, 2020

Thank you for taking care of our precious health care workers.

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