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Soupin' in the New Year

by Ben LeBlanc January 02, 2018

Soupin' in the New Year

Good morning, and Happy New Year!

After a fun and indulgent holiday season, we’re lightening things up in January with nourishing, vegetable-rich soups that taste as good as they are for you. Whether you’re on a detox or just looking for a delicious, warming bowl of soup, we’ve got you covered. As always, all Good Stock soups are made from scratch with high quality ingredients, elevated cooking techniques and a whole lot of love!

On this week menus, we are serving up two of our most popular soups - Carrot & Ginger and Lentil Soup. They are kinda perfect for days that it feels like 5º outside. We’re ringing in the new year with great salads too. Our Good Luck Salad is made of kale, black-eyed peas, pickled onion, and a smoked apple vinaigrette. Get it for prosperity and deliciousness.



New Offer
To make eating better in 2018 even easier, we have a new offer at both shops and at West Elm Dumbo. If you purchase any combination of soup and salad, we’re taking $1 off your order. If you purchase a large soup and a large salad, you’ll get $2 off. Never before has eating healthy and deliciously been so good.

New Detox Soup at Carmine St
For those that want to take clean eating to the next level, we created a new soup we’re calling the Clean Green Machine. It’s absolutely loaded with things that are good for you, and missing anything that might be bad. It’s made of broccoli, spinach, kale, arugula, and coconut milk to name a few of the main ingredients. And we’re garnishing it with a Chia Seed Pudding and a Flaxseed Crumble. Vegan, gluten free, so healthy, so tasty. 

Here’s to a great 2018!


Ben LeBlanc
Ben LeBlanc

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