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Soup Up Your Bowl Situation

September 24, 2020

Soup Up Your Bowl Situation

One of the most enjoyable things about soup is its simplicity. But sometimes getting the most out of the experience means having the right tools for the job. Whether you’re reaching for bowls for dipping, big spoons for sipping, or wide-mouthed bowls for topping, we break down our favorite vessels and utensils for making the most out of your soup.

The Everyday Bowl
Just like the texture and feel of your soup can enhance your experience of its flavor, the size and feel of your bowl can enhance the experience of the entire soup. Now of course, everyone will have different preferences when it comes to texture and finish and color. But in terms of shape and size, we’re of the belief that there’s a right bowl for every type of soup.

1. West Elm  |  2. Food52


The Deep Bowl
A solid everyday workhorse, the deep bowl is ideal for dipping. We all know that soup loves a sandwich on the side, and the depth lets you soak up more soupy flavor with every dip. Think: grilled cheese dunked into Roasted Tomato Soup. Or a turkey and arugula melt sopping up the creamy heat of a Pumpkin Green Curry Soup. Another plus, is a deep bowl stays hotter longer.

We bought these East Fork Pottery bowls a little while ago, and they may be our all-time favorites. They’re deep, they’re hefty, and they just feel good.

1. CB2  |  2. East Fork  |  3. CB2

The Wide Bowl
Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to soup, especially if you tend to get more creative with your serving. If you’re regularly topping your soups with add-ones like pickled jalapeños or crispy shallots, or if you’re regularly labeling it over grains like white rice or farro, a wider, shallower bowl like this one from CB2 may be the right choice for you.

1. Year & Day  |  2. CB2

The Big Bowl
If you’re slurping noodle soups on the regular, it might may be a good idea to keep a bigger bowl around. Obviously, you’ll be able to pack more ingredients in, but you’ll also be able to keep your noodles and veggies submerged in your broth (and thus, warm) for the duration of your meal.

1. Pottery Barn  |  2. CB2


1. Coming Soon NYC  |  2. Food52  |  3. Target


And those are just *some* of the bowls and spoons we love. Show us your favorites on Instagram!


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