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Playing with Your Food: Turning Lemony Chicken & Rice into Avgolemono

by Ben LeBlanc January 05, 2020

Playing with Your Food: Turning Lemony Chicken & Rice into Avgolemono

Avgolemono is the quintessential Greek soup. Made with egg, lemon and chicken stock, it’s deeply satisfying and bright. For some reason, it always reminds me of spring. That must be because of the lemony flavor, or possibly because I’m day dreaming about swimming in the clear blue Mediterranean. 

Making avgolemono isn’t the hardest thing in the world, but like all good soups, it takes a bit of time. Unless! Unless you’ve got our Lemony Chicken & Rice! Then making avgolemono is the easiest thing in the world. 

All you need is one egg. Here’s what you do:

The only ingredient needed to make avgolemono if you have our Lemony Chicken & Rice

First, heat up one pint of Good Stock Lemony Chicken & Rice over medium heat. Bring the soup all the way to a simmer, which means the broth will generate gentle and steady bubbles. Separately, crack one egg into a small bowl. Turn off the heat and begin stirring the pot. Carefully slide the egg into the soup, and steadily, but not rapidly, mix the egg into the broth. You’ll see the broth take on a milkier color as the egg incorporates into the soup. Continue to stir until you can no longer see any whites or yolk. And don’t worry, the heat of the soup will fully cook the egg.

Now it’s time to taste the soup, and season with salt and pepper if needed. While our soups are usually seasoned to perfection, because we added the egg, you might need to add a little more. I also like to finish this soup with even more lemon.

I really like playing with our Lemony Chicken & Rice this way for a couple of reasons. First, it becomes a brand new soup. Second, it adds more protein to the dish, making it a more filling dish. Our keto Soup Troopers will also like this. Finally, I like to pair it with one of our favoriteGreek Salads, and the combo gives me a little of that amazing Mediterranean feeling.


Ben LeBlanc
Ben LeBlanc

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