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How to Soup On the Go

October 19, 2020

How to Soup On the Go

One of the things we love about soup is it’s portability. Sure it’s great to curl up with a hot bowl of soup by a crackling fire, but sometimes we gotta eat on the go. And sometimes we’re not sure when we’re going to eat. We do know though that when we are ready to eat, it’d be great to have hot soup ready to enjoy. Here’s a closer look into three soup carrying vessels that are perfect for souping on the go.
Yeti Sipping Tumbler

For immediate sipping on the go, the Yeti tumbler is a great option. It will keep soup hot for hours, but you don’t need to worry about that, as you’ll be enjoying it soon. The closeable lid is great for keeping the soup hot in between sips. We have noticed though that this tumbler isn’t the best for longer-term on-the-go souping, as we’ve noticed slight drips and spills when carrying it around all day, even if sealed. For that purpose….


Sleek and Fool-Proof Cup

When you’re planning to have soup later but need to carry it around for a while, we recommend this one by Kinto. With the secure lid and the perfect size for a healthy portion of soup, throw it in your bag and stroll around with confidence, knowing delicious is in tow with you.


Old School Thermos

For the heavy duty, “I’m gonna need soup later, and lots of it” the old school Thermos container can’t be beat. We’ve used these for tastings, and they will keep soup hot FOREVER. Literally, forever. It can hold a lot of soup too, in case you find a friend who’s in need. Perhaps the best part? The Thermos will be giving you those powerful, old school lunchpail worker kind of vibes.

Happy souping!

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