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Here We Go

by Ben LeBlanc November 14, 2014

Here We Go

So, this is happening. Or has been happening. With no formal training, nor any experience in the back of a restaurant, I am trying to open a restaurant. I love to eat, and I love to cook, so I know my way around a kitchen a bit.* But Kitchen Confidential comes to mind when Anthony Bourdain talks about how horrible of an idea it is for a retired dentist to open a restaurant because he throws great dinner parties. Although I’ve sent several dentists’ kids to college, I’m not one, I’m not retired, and I don’t throw dinner parties (although I do throw taco, gumbo, and champagne & hot dog parties). I am going to try to pull this off, though. 

Crazy? Pretty much. Fun? Hopefully. Stupid? Yeah, but screw it. Why not?

The reasons for this Quixotic quest to build Good Stock are threefold (aside – apparently eightfold and twelvefold are words but elevenfold is not. Thirteenfold isn’t either. Huh?) One, you can’t get great soup on the go in New York. You'll usually get an average bowl of warm to accompany a salad or half sandwich. We don't like average.  Two, except for The Redhead, you can’t get good gumbo in New York. Being a fat kid at heart (and lately, in body) from Houma, Louisiana, it never made sense to me that you can get amazing food from practically anywhere on the planet in New York, but not gumbo. Why? It’s hard to make well, but it doesn’t require alchemy. But I’ll talk more about gumbo in a later post. The final reason is that it was time for me to chart my own path. 

I’m a few steps into this adventure to bring great soup to New Yorkers on the go. Good Stock first opened for business at Smorgasburg in October 2014, began catering a few months later, and also started a home delivery business to a great group of customers in Tribeca. Some things have gone smoothly, while others have not - such as getting 15 minutes of sleep before our first day at Smorgasburg. If nothing else, it’s been a hell of a ride, and we're really only getting started, so come along for it. One of the tenets of Good Stock is transparency, so no matter what’s going on - new menu items, events, trials & tribulations - you’ll learn about it here. Now let’s see if we can take this thing to the next level and build something meaningful. 


*I thought I knew my way around a home kitchen, but as I learned very quickly, I absolutely did NOT know my way around a professional kitchen. More on that later.

Ben LeBlanc
Ben LeBlanc

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