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Heat up & Cool down with Good Stock This Week

Heat up & Cool down with Good Stock This Week

Good morning!

There’s a Korean saying yi yum chi yul, which means “fight fire with fire.” This follows a tradition of eating hot chicken soup on the hottest days of summer. Why would anyone do this? Because they are genius soup lovers, that’s why! But also because there is legitimate science behind this. So, we are trying to get a little smarter and cool down at the same time this week, and are thus taking our inspiration from Korea.
The most common soup eaten on this day is samgyetang, or Ginseng Chicken Soup. It’s a soup that’s traditionally made by cooking a whole chicken stuffed with sticky rice and red dates in a broth studded with ginseng, garlic, and ginger. Ginseng and garlic in particular are said to have medicinal properties to them that aid in cooling. Tastes great + healthy = yes please. In our biased opinion, at least!

We’re also serving a light, refreshing side salad as well made up of baby lettuces, baby greens, and pluots lightly dressed in a spicy honey-sesame vinaigrette.

I’m very excited to serve samgyetang this week, as it’s one of the first soups I came across when I asked myself “What are we going to do in the summer?” At Good Stock, we, like you, love soup. And we are committed to serving the best possible soup all year round, no matter the weather. You can find our full daily menus here. And for more on this great Korean tradition, check out two interesting articles: Why Do Koreans Eat Hot Food to Cool Down?, and Hot Enough for You? Try Eating Something Hotter.

Have a great week!


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