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Earth Day Series: Soup Sustainability

by Ben LeBlanc April 20, 2021

Earth Day Series: Soup Sustainability


As Earth Day is celebrated in April, we are creating a series that will highlight Good Stock’s commitment to sustainability. Leaving as small a footprint on the earth as possible is one of our core values. From our earliest days to our shops to now, we try to be a responsible citizen of our planet. We’ll be discussing our materials, our operations, our shortcomings, and our goals in this series. But first, we’ll start where it always does, with soup. Because soup is the original sustainable food. 



Soup was born from humans trying to make the most of overlooked, underused, or discarded ingredients. They might have been scraps from vegetables used for another purpose. They might have been ingredients that need simmering in order to soften and become tender, like the strong hindquarter muscles of animals. It could have been an attempt to extract benefits and nutrition from otherwise unusable parts, which is why stock is made from animal bones and carcasses. We can’t eat them as they are, but simmer them in water for a few hours and the result is nutritious and hopefully delicious. It really is magic.  



You can save your leftover and unused ingredients too to make stock at home, which we discuss in this post on The Simmer. Making your own stock is so easy and it will make your soups and sauces so, so much better. You’ll be doing something good for the planet too.

How To Make Stock At Home 


Ben LeBlanc
Ben LeBlanc

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