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Earth Day Series: Our Operations

by Ben LeBlanc April 22, 2021

Earth Day Series: Our Operations


Today is Earth Day! This is the reason we created our Sustainability Series, the goal of which is to highlight how Good Stock aims to leave as small a footprint on earth as possible. In Part 1, we talked about soup as the original in sustainable food. Part 2 was all about our green packaging and steps we’re taking to avoid unnecessary waste. Here in Part 3, we’ll discuss our operations. Afterall, having green packaging can easily be canceled out by poor practices elsewhere.



In our kitchen, we try to minimize food waste by using every part of every vegetable and animal that we cook with. We believe that with thought and effort, flavor and use can be found with nearly every part of the ingredient. This has taken the form of using vegetable stems and scraps to make kimchi, leftover bones and veggie odds and ends to make stock, or simply being very mindful of the way we slice and dice vegetables. When you’re preparing hundreds of pounds of onions per week, simple attention to detail can make a big difference in what’s used and not wasted.
In our fulfillment department, we try to make every shipment as efficient as possible. This is part of the reason we require an order minimum - it takes the same amount of fuel to deliver 1 soup as it does 6! So we want to make the resources used are as maxed out as possible. We also use different box sizes based on order size, saving unnecessary space, weight, and materials. This conserves physical goods and fuel too. 


Up next is the final installment in our Sustainability Series. In Part 4, we’ll discuss our goals for the future, and what we need to work on to address our shortcomings. 

As always, we welcome feedback, tips, and suggestions. So please share any thoughts with us by emailing stockup@goodstocksoups.com.


Ben LeBlanc
Ben LeBlanc

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