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Earth Day Series: Our Goals

by Ben LeBlanc May 04, 2021

Earth Day Series: Our Goals


This is the final installment in our Sustainability Series. Part 1 was the sustainability of soup. Part 2 talked about our packaging, and Part 3 discussed our operations. Here, we’ll discuss our goals, as we still have much work to do in this area. So we’d like to highlight our shortcomings, and state goals for what we’re going to work on.



The plastic pouches we use are not recyclable. While we’re glad they’re made from up to 40% post-consumer recycled material, it’s still less than half. Finding a material that is both food-safe and strong enough to handle freezing and shipping presents quite a challenge, and is one that we are constantly working on. Until we find a better solution, one of the reasons we chose a flexible plastic pouch is that it will collapse after it’s used and take up less space in a landfill.

There are small but meaningful things we are working on with our packaging too, such as our tape. We could source a better, greener option, and we’re working on it.



Last, but certainly not least, shipping uses fossil fuels, period. There’s just no getting around that. We try to minimize shipping and be as efficient as possible, but we’re still creating greenhouse gases. We are looking into carbon offset programs to see what we can do to mitigate that, and we’ll keep you posted on this front.

That’s where we are at Good Stock. Far from perfect, but always working to improve. We hope you’ve learned a little more about us in this Sustainability Series, and how we’re trying to do our part in taking care of our planet. As always, we welcome feedback, tips, and suggestions. So please share any thoughts with us by emailing



Ben LeBlanc
Ben LeBlanc

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Jack Welch
Jack Welch

January 03, 2022


We can help you with you sustainability initiatives, while giving you control of your gel pack process. We are not re-inventing gel packs, we are simply showing you how to do it better with far less labor, freight, and waste. Arctic Express is a money saving, environmentally friendly approach that redefines packaging for fresh foods. Would love to chat about it with you.

Welcome to 2022!

Jack Welch
National Sales Manager
Arctic Express

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