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April 15, 2019


Spring is the season of change, and today marks a big change to Good Stock’s evolution. We are launching new menus, changing our methods, and becoming more green. One thing that won’t change, is our mission to be soup first and delicious always.

We want our Soup Troop to have delicious food easily accessible, however in a culture of work hard play hard, the reality is that sourcing quality ingredients, cooking, and enjoying the result is sometimes near impossible.

With Good Stock’s new menu, we are now making delicious easy from the moment you wake up, to the moment your head hits the pillow. We love what we do, and we love it even more knowing that our Soup Troop is enjoying delicious, a bit easier. So, we are expanding our menu - introducing breakfast (yes, a breakfast soup!), the Lunchbox, Bone Broth Flavor Bombs, new salads and sandwiches.

We source our ingredients from the best local and sustainable farmers we can find. After all, the crux of each delicious dish are the ingredients that go into it. On our new menu, you will find these suppliers and farmers names more prominently pronounced - Murray’s Cheese Shop, Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams, Bien Cuit…the full list is available here. We want to communicate not only what is in our food, but where it is coming from.

We are changing our methods, making every item as they are ordered. These changes come in our efforts to have the freshest meals available, always. 

As a restauranteur, you can either care about the environment, or you can stock up on plastic spoons, paper cups…simply make things easier.We have always strived to be as green as possible, but today we are announcing new strides with a consolidated effort.

Reuse our mason jar or BYO container for morning oats? 50 cents off. BYO container for Bone Broth? 50 cents off. Purchase our reusable soup bowl? 50 cents off. Bring back that reusable bowl? 50 cents off. Dining in? Use our in-house soup bowls for 50 cents off.

We are soup first and foremost, that will never change. With this new phase of Good Stock, we are working to make a more delicious, easier and more sustainable life for our Soup Troop.

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