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The Sunday Soup Troop Scoop: Edition 9

The Sunday Soup Troop Scoop: Edition 9

Fresh corn is now in season in the tri-state area, so that means The Unknown Favorite is back. Which means it’s also time for me to tell the story again of how this soup came to be and got its mysterious name.

It was the summer of 2014 and Good Stock was an idea that was really starting to take shape. I found myself looking for soup inspiration everywhere, particularly when I was dining out. Often went to Momofuku Noodle Bar, and one night while dining there they had a special side dish that was comprised of sweet corn, thinly sliced jalapeño, coconut flake, and a simple vinaigrette. It struck me that the components of that dish could be a soup, and I got to thinking about an updated version of corn chowder. I wanted to replace cream with coconut milk, and use green chiles for a little heat. I went into the test kitchen (read: our kitchen at home) and got to creating. Before too long I had a soup that I was really happy with. 

But, I’m pretty hard on myself, so like all soups I was concocting that summer, I wanted to test them out with a bunch of friends before putting them on the menu. Especially since this was going to be such a big deal for me. No way was I leaving my former career behind to start a soup company if that soup wasn’t going to be anything less than amazing. So I would send out test soups to get feedback all the time in the early days. 

One such friend, Rusty, is a true child of Epicurus, so I knew his feedback would be very valuable. I told him I was bringing over a batch of soup over and he wanted to know what was in tow. I told him I had some gumbo and a tomato soup and a “sort of corn, coconut, and green chile chowder” to which Rusty immediately replied “Oh, it’s the unknown favorite!” It somehow made sense then, and we’ve stuck with it ever since.

It really is the silliest name for a soup, but we’ve kept it for a couple of reasons. First, “The Unknown Favorite” is so much easier to say than “Corn Coconut Green Chile Chowder.” Second, one taste of it confirms that it really is “The Unknown Favorite.”

The Scoop

In case you skipped the 1,000 word introduction (can’t say I blame you!), The Unknown Favorite is back. It's made with local sweet corn, a corn stock, green chiles, Russet potatoes, coconut milk, and coconut meat. Stock Up on this vegan and gluten free summer treat, and get it in our shops too . 

We will have some exciting news about our Press Pause packages that we’ll release this week. It’s getting a seasonal refresh, and we can’t wait to share it with you all.

In sandwich and shop news, we are bringing back our Prosciutto & Mozzarella Sandwich on Tuesday, and our Turkey Sandwich is returning on Wednesday. We make the best soup, and pretty much everything else too.

How We're Stocking Up

I’m getting the Unknown Favorite because it’s awesome and reminds me of summer and reminds me of the early days of Good Stock. Top it with thinly sliced scallions, toasted coconut flake. For a little more heat, take it to the next level with a few dashes of a peppery vinegar.

I’m going to be Pressing Pause too with the new edition.

Lastly, I’ll be buying some firm tofu, dicing it, and putting it in some hot Mushroom & Miso Soup. Then I’ll be throwing a ton of sliced scallions on top.

Soup We're Crushing On

We love pretty much everything Samin Nosrat does, and her gazpacho is no different. We love our own gazpacho, but we love soup, and we love taking advantage of tomato season. So I’ll be making a batch of this very soon.

Straight From The Troop

Melanie was almost as excited about receiving her soups as we were sending them!

Mitra, we fully support this obsession. Your tastes is souperb.


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