The Sunday Soup Troop Scoop: Edition 8

The Sunday Soup Troop Scoop: Edition 8

Good evening!

Tomato season is upon us! What a glorious time of the year. I’m going to eat so many tomatoes from now until the end of September that I might turn into one. How will I be enjoying my tomatoes? Let me count the ways! In so many salads - tomato & burrata, tomato & basil & mozzarella (kinda the same, I know. But also different!), Greek salad, tomato & watermelon salad. I’m obviously going to have some in soup - gazpacho in all its forms (except chunky. Never, ever chunky gazpacho), and our Tomato Greens & Bacon Soup. In a whole bunch of sandwiches - the classic southern tomato sandwich, BLT. And I’ll probably make a big batch or two of Marcella Hazan’s ridiculously simple tomato sauce. We have to take advantage while we can!


Soup News

Gazpacho is now available on Stock Up. Just like our current two chilled soups, we’ll be working together on this one. We’ve chopped all the vegetables and seasoned them to perfection. You’ll finish the perfect summer soup by blending this one at home.

We will have Gazpacho available in our shops midweek as well. 

Speaking of our shops, our Chilled Bone Broths are now available there too. I’m incredibly biased, but I think they’re just so good. A great treat morning, noon, or night!


How We're Stocking Up This Week

Strawberry Season is nearing its end so I’m going to grab some Chilled Strawberry Rhubarb before it’s gone. I may treat myself and have it for dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream dropped right in. Affogazpacho, if you will.

I’m bringing home some Gazpacho as well. I’m going to buy a baguette today and let it get just a tad stale over the next day or two. Then I’m going to make pan con tamate for a wonderful Spanish summer supper.

Lastly, I did it quite big over the holiday week, so I’m dialing it back with the Clean Green Machine and a couple of Bone Broths too. I’m sure I’ll find balance one day. Right?


Soup We're Crushing On

Scene: 92º last Sunday afternoon, and we’re at a table outside at ATLA. Reader, did I order chicken soup? Yes. Yes, I did order chicken soup. I heart soup always and forever, period. But I especially love ATLA’s chicken soup. It’s just a wonderful combination of deep and light, savory and bright. It’s a near-perfect version of chicken soup that's fantastic all year long.


Straight From The Troop

The Weinbergs have a great way for taking our Lentil Soup to the next level!

We're obsessed with you too, Mitra.


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