The Sunday Soup Troop Scoop: Edition 7

The Sunday Soup Troop Scoop: Edition 7

Good evening!

Summer in New York City is officially upon us. This is my favorite time in the city because it reminds of of when I moved here for the summer eighteen years ago (gulp) for my internship and then one year later for good. It was so exciting. Everything was very big and very new and loud and fast. My coworkers kept telling me that the city was empty, that everyone was out of town for the summer. But coming from Houma, Louisiana, it was millions of more people than I was used to.

Some people think I don’t like summer anymore because the soup business slows. Untrue! Soup is seasonal, sure. Our shops are slower now than in the winter, but they are also busier since we expanded our new menu. Stock Up remains busy because soup is year round and we are still reaching new soup lovers. It’s also time to plan for the fall, which I am so, so excited about. We have many fun and amazing and delicious things coming. 

But before then, I’m going to enjoy the summer here. I’m going to enjoy the hot days. The restaurants with open tables. The movies in the parks. The overflowing farmers’ markets The super late sunsets. And yes, I’m going to enjoy all the summer soups. I hope you’re enjoying summer too.

Soup News

Did you know that we have an app for our shops? Or said in the most uncreative way, if you’re looking for a way to order NYC’s best soup, salads, and sandwiches…there’s an app for that. We partnered with ChowNow and created the easiest possible method to get the good stuff from our shops. Click here to download!

Speaking of our shops, Tortilla Soup is coming to our Stock Up and shop menus this weeks. This means you should get that last bowl of Coconut Chicken on Tuesday before it comes off our menu for a while. It also means that we’ve accidentally ended up with a pretty awesome Mexican menu. Between the Tortilla Soup, Mexican Dip Sandwich, Black Bean Soup, and Cucumber Salad, you can put together a fantastic lunch full of the flavors of Mexico.

Lastly, we’ll be closed at both locations on July 4, and closed on the 5th too at Carmine St.

How We're Stocking Up This Week

I love to get the new items to our menu, so I’ll be getting Tortilla Soup for sure. I’m going keep the garnishes a little simple on this one and simply dice an avocado and squeeze lots of lime on top.

I’m also getting Fried Chicken & Andouille Gumbo because 1) that is still my all-time favorite Good Stock soup. It’ll always be my baby. And 2) it gets me nostalgic for our start at Smorgasburg and slinging gumbo on hot summer days.

Soup We're Crushing On

This Roasted Cauliflower Soup by Yasmin Khan that I saw on the NY Times Cooking Instagram feed looks so good! Sounds spiceful, warming, velvety, and delicious. I can’t wait to make it this week.

Straight From The Troop

IPeter Som wasn’t so successful already, I’d try to hire him to create new soups for us. Look what he did with our Mushroom & Seaweed Broth!

Find someone who looks at you the way Dalia Strum looks at our Strawberry Rhubarb Gazpacho.

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