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The Sunday Soup Troop Scoop: Edition 6

The Sunday Soup Troop Scoop: Edition 6

Good evening!

I’ve been bouncing between house chores and playing outside all weekend (that's Brooklyn Heights looking all gorgeous yesterday), so this Scoop is going to be brief. Or, in other words, you’ll be spared my rambling! After this little bit of rambling, of course.

We've been debating a new policy on Stock Up, which is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. As we were discussing this, I have to admit I was a little scared. "Holy shhh, what if everyone wants a refund?" But then I thought about it further, and I realized that we already have that policy in place, even if we haven't overtly said so. Because there's never been one unhappy customer in all of Good Stock's life - from Smorgasburg, catering, old school hand-delivery home delivery, either shop, or any pop-up - that we didn't make whole. Since we've been doing it since day one, and because we are confident in our product, making it official is actually easy. So I'm happy to announce to you all that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The only question we'll ask is what could we have done better.

Rambling done (for now), let's get to the news. 

Soup News

For the first time, Red Bean & Chickpea Chili is now on the Stock Up menu. This is one of the first soups on our menu, and it has been a fan favorite ever since. It’s packed with vegetables, beans, chickpeas, and spices. So. Darn. Good.

Mushroom Miso Soup is back in stock. We've had a hard time keeping this one on the shelves!

We’ve got some soups coming OFF the Stock Up menu this week. Red Bean SoupThai MeatballAsparagusBeef Chili, and Seafood Bisque, which is about to sell out again. Get them before they are gone!

This is going to be our last Thursday at West Elm until September. We hope to see the Dumbo crew before we go.

We’re working on something really cool for the shops involving cold bone broth. We’re making the final touches tomorrow, and it might be on our menu this week. Stay tuned…

How We're Stocking Up This Week

We’re nearing the end of asparagus season, so I’m getting my fill of Asparagus Soup before it’s gone. I’m going to pair it with a bright, crisp salad and throw a dollop of créme fraîche in my soup.

I’m bringing home some Red Bean & Chickpea Chili. I found some great avocados at the grocery store today so am going to dice one up and throw it on top.

Soup We're Crushing On

Giambotta, which is a soup I was unfamiliar with until Soup Trooper Amanda told me about it and shared how her grandmother made it. It’s an Italian summer vegetable soup, and it sounds so fresh and amazing. I’m going to be trying out this version sometime this week. Thank you, Amanda!

Straight from the Troop

Lauren S is an A+ unboxer!


@TillysSkillet is getting that Gumbo!

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