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The Sunday Soup Troop Scoop: Edition 5

The Sunday Soup Troop Scoop: Edition 5

Good evening!

We at Good Stock love to eat. That’s the genesis of why I started the company. I have a true, passionate (and slightly dangerous) love of food. This turned into a love of cooking. I love the transformation of raw ingredients into something entirely different and that can bring real happiness. I don’t always have time to cook, but I relish when I do.

I mention all this because there was a very interesting editorial in the New York Times last week called We Don’t Need to Be Saved From Making Smoothies. He argues that too many food companies are trying to scare people into thinking cooking is too hard and time consuming. He believes in the value of cooking for yourself and loved ones, stating that it can make you happier and healthier. Because of this, it’s an endeavor worth undertaking. To all of this I say: I COULDN’T AGREE MORE!

We are massive proponents of cooking at Good Stock. That includes encouraging you, our customers, to cook too. Whether that’s making your own food from scratch - hello, how to make dumplings! - or taking our soups and adding your own touches to them. That’s why we’ve written about cooking with Bone Brothspiking our Black Bean Soup with chorizo, taking our Carrot & Ginger Soup to a new level, and making Avgolemono in 5 minutes. Our newest post on The Simmer continues the theme of cooking at home and teaches you the most important part of cooking soup at home. That is how to make stock, and we give you two super easy methods.

Now, obviously we want to sell you soup. Make no mistake about that. But we are New Yorkers too, and we know that time can fly by. As much as we wish everyone had the time and knowledge and energy to cook at home every night, we know that’s simply not a reality. So if we can help take people halfway or almost all the way there, we’ll do that as much as we can. 

We’re a culture of eaters at Good Stock. We love food, pretty much everything about it. Since you signed up for this list, I’m sure you do too.

Soup News

We’re chilling out at Good Stock and introducing two new cold soups! We’ve got our very popular Chilled Cucumber Soup and Strawberry Rhubarb Gazpachoready to go. But there’s a catch! Instead of simply defrosting to enjoy, you have to add in some extra work here, because these chilled soups need a good blend! You’ll receive a a pouch full of perfectly marinated and seasoned vegetables, herbs, spices, and more, and to bring them all together, you’ll simply thaw the pouch, and blend the contents before eating. We’re really excited about this method, and we’re so excited for you to try them.

Due to popular demand, Seafood Bisque is back in stock. It sold out in less than 24 hours last week. Which was crazy to see, but also fun! Anyway, it’s available again in a limited batch.

We’re also introducing Chicken Bone Broth this week too. For the broth lovers out there that skip beef, this is for you.

How We're Stocking Up This Week

I’m Stocking Up on Chicken Bone Broth for my momma-to-be. Rich in collagen and minerals, it’s going to be a staple in our apartment for a while.

I’m also getting some Chilled Cucumber Soup too. Made with almost local everything, I’ll be having this soup for breakfast once or twice this week. It’s a savory smoothie and probably more healthy.

Soup We're Crushing On

With summer coming into full swing, it’s a time for BBQs and fresh vegetables. That’s why I’m loving Brunswick Stew at the moment. This regional specialty from the southeast US is just a wonderful mix of smoked or grilled meats and fresh vegetables like tomatoes, lima beans, sweet corn, and more. I’m going to write a post soon about an incredibly easy way to make it at home. We'll share a great recipe for skillet cornbread too.

One of the best things about Brunswick Stew is the way it starts- by ordering too much BBQ the day before.

Straight From The Troop

Melissa Wood is digging our Mushroom Miso Soup.

Isabela Jacobsen is preaching to the soup choir here! #itsalwaysoupseason.

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