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The Sunday Soup Troop Scoop: Edition 2

The Sunday Soup Troop Scoop: Edition 2

Good Afternoon!

I hope you’re enjoying this long weekend and the official start of summer. Whether you got away for a bit, or are enjoying the quieter city, I hope you’re finding some relaxation, and eating delicious things. Speaking of, here’s a pro tip for all of you who did remain in the City - this is one of THE best weekends to eat out. You can probably walk into that restaurant you normally can’t even get a reservation for. So enjoy the emptiness of the city and be sure to take advantage!

Soup News

This week, Mindbodygreen wrote a nice roundup of healthy meals you can buy online. We were stoked to be listed first! Delicious is our goal, but when you cook with only high-quality ingredients and proper technique, food happens to be healthy too. What a bonus!

Speaking of healthy, we’ve updated our nutrition info to include macronutrients. Did you know that our Roasted Tomato Soup is high in fiber and vitamin A while being a good source of iron and potassium? Now there’s no need to choose between delicious and healthy. Speaking of…check out the macronutrients for our Gumbo. It’s a veritable salad!

Our first ever promotion - buy six soups, get one for free - is running right now. There’s still time to Stock Up and save. Free soup ends tomorrow at midnight!

We introduced two new packages this week - A Bite of Italy, and Spring Souping. Just to make the decision process a little easier. 

We’ve got an incredible new sandwich coming to the shops this week. It’s a bean hummus and tomatillo compote topped with queso Oaxaca and grilled to crispy perfection. The best part might be the tomatillo dipping sauce. Soooo good! Get the Mexican Dip starting on Wednesday.

How We're Stocking Up This Week 

With summer kicking off this weekend, I’m thinking about getting out in the sun. You should wear sunscreen every single day. Period. Supergoop! is by far our favorite. But I’m also learning that certain foods can assist in sun protection. Carrots, leafy greens, tomatoes, and turmeric are all said to have skin-protecting powers. I’ll be grabbing some Roasted TomatoCarrot & Ginger, and Clean Green Machine out of my freezer for sure.

I will also be stirring up some Khichdi due to its restorative powers. In India, this soup’s motherland, it’s eaten by new mothers, babies, and anyone ailing. After indulging this weekend, I’ll be needing it. I’ll probably lightly fry an egg and throw it on top for a little extra protein.

Soup We're Crushing On

The start of summer also makes me think of chowder, which can be one of my favorite soups. I say "can be” because there are way too many sad versions of chowder out there. But the clam chowder served up at Littleneck is definitely not one of those. Creamy with chunks of clams, smoky bacon, and hunks of potatoes, this chowder is my favorite in New York City. I highly recommend a trip to Gowanus for a bowl and a cool glass of wine. Oh, and since you’re out there, stop by Givers & Takers for a drink before or after (or both!). I think it’s the best bar in New York City.

Straight From The Troop 

We love seeing our Soup Troop bring their soups to the office! 

Grab your Stock Up container from the freezer in the morning, defrost until lunch, and zap it in the microwave until hot - a delicious, and healthy office lunch!

We love hearing about how you "play with" our soups. Popular Chef and New York Times' columnist, Alison Roman took our Roasted Tomato, added some chili oil and voila! A new flavor - we are excited to try ourselves!

Troop Talk 

Time to hear from you! What soups should we make this summer? Do you like to heat it up when the temperatures rise, or cool it down with a chilled soup? Let us know!

Stir the pot this week!


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