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The Sunday Soup Troop Scoop: Edition 10

The Sunday Soup Troop Scoop: Edition 10

Good evening!

We’ve been talking a lot about soup (obvi) and summer around here lately. You’re aware that we’re obsessed with our favorite food, and of course we’re biased. Very very biased. But did you know that it’s a good idea to eat soup in the summer? Even when it feels like 109º outside? It’s true! You can definitely kick it with any of the amazing array of great chilled soups around the world. That’s an incredibly refreshing way to take advantage of the peak vegetable and product season in the tri-state area right now. But you can also cool down by slurping a bowl of piping hot soup! It’s like fighting fire with fire. Your body’s natural cooling system is kicked into gear by combatting the hot soup and will begin cooling you down. It’s also said to bring you into balance as your body is more in line with the external temperature, whereas very cold foods throw that out of balance. We wrote more about the wonders of soup in the summer over on The Simmer.

The last point I’ll make - and I will shout this from rooftops until the day I die - is that delicious is always, always in season.

Also, I was recently a guest on OneQuestionXYZ podcast where I discussed the early days of Good Stock and our passion for soup. This was my first podcast! I never knew my voice sounded so weird, but still, I’m grateful for the chance to talk about soup.

Soup News

One of Tuscany’s great soups, Ribollita, is now on the Stock Up menu. This tomato-based soup is overflowing with vegetable goodness.

We relaunched a summer-ized version of Press Pause last week. To combat the heat, we’ve included some chilled soups that are perfect for this weather. Refresh and reset. 

Our Prosciutto & Fresh Mozzarella Sandwich is back in our shops! Light and summery, it’s a perfect part of a summer lunch!

How We're Stocking Up This Week

For real this time, I am going to be Pressing Pause. I meant to last week. I really did! I just didn’t get around to it. But this week, I’ll be doing the 3 Day Press Pause. You can follow how it goes for me on our social media channels.

I’m going to be having Ribollita for certain, probably on Thursday, and probably with extra croutons because 1) I love our Garlic Croutons and 2) I will have just Pressed Pause so I will have earned those extra croutons!

Soup We're Crushing On

I have been craving - I mean reallycraving - spicy soups from southeast Asia lately. I can’t tell if it’s because we’re writing about them, or I just feel like sweating even more. But I just can’t get enough right now, so when I stumbled across Heather Christo’s Spicy Thai Curry Noodle Soup, I added it to my To-Cook Hit List immediately.

I might have to up the chiles, though. I'm telling you, this craving for spice is out of control!

Straight From The Troop

Yes, Rachel, you are a soup influencer. You always have been! #SoupFluencer

Erin Mesker has #FreezerGoals DOWN. #impressed

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