Introducing Stock Up

Introducing Stock Up

We started Good Stock because we love to eat, and because we believe that every meal should be delicious. Stock Up, our new soup shipping program, takes us a step closer to helping to make that happen. Now, New Yorkers can get the city’s best soups delivered frozen, straight to their doors within, three days of placing an online order. And for the first time ever, we can now serve all five boroughs. 

How does it work?

Stock Up is souper simple. Order the soups you love on our website. We’ll make amazing soup, freeze it, and ship it to you. A couple of days later, amazing shows up on your doorstep. 

Why aren’t you hand-delivering soup anymore?

Because we’re not that good at it! Over the past year, we realized that our strengths lie in making great food, not logistics. So we’re doing what we do best, and letting shippers do what they do best. 

Plus, shipping our soup allows us to serve even more New Yorkers! We now reach all five boroughs.

OK, sounds good. But why frozen?

First and foremost, freezing our soup means that we don’t need to use any artificial ingredients or preservatives in an attempt to extend shelf life. If you won’t find it in your cupboard, you won’t find it in our soup. Only all natural ingredients, with freshness and flavor locked in. 

Shipping frozen also takes the pressure off of delivery time, reception time, and the need to eat your soup immediately. Once you get your soup, throw it in the freezer and it’ll be good for at least six months. Not that you’ll be able to wait that long. 

Stop talking, I want to order.

FINE. Here’s your link to Stock Up.

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