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Going Green

Going Green

We’ve always strived to be a green company. We believe in leaving as small a footprint on the earth as possible. We’ve always been conscious of the materials we use in the kitchen and in the shops. We use nearly all of the animals and all of the vegetables in order to prevent waste. This week, we took steps to became even greener. Here’s how.


In Our Shops

We want the Soup Troop to get involved. Our green initiatives = sweet swag & money saved.


We are giving you opportunities to be green All. Day. Long. with our BYOContainer policy. It’s never been easier to reduce paper and single-use plastic waste. 


Our BYOContainer policy will also get you a 50 cent discount with our soups and Bone Broth. Reusable coffee cups work great for Bone Broth! Don’t have a reusable soup bowl? Don’t worry! We found the perfect Joseph Joseph dishwasher safe and BPA free to-go bowl, so you can soup in style. It even has a special compartment for your garnishes. You can buy one in our shops and again, get 50 cents off every time you bring it in for soup.



If you Stock Up at the office, we are about to make your life so much easier (and greener). We found the perfect bowl for souping at work. It’s designed for microwaves (the soup gets hot, not the bowl), is dishwasher safe, and BPA free. It comes with a great spoon too, so that your in-office Stock Up experience is everything it should be - delicious and easy. This package is just $10, an easy add-on to your next Stock Up purchase. Stop burning your hands and start saving the planet. Oh and save some money too. Wins all around.


When you Stock Up, we are shipping green too. We use Green Cell Foam and Instapak, two companies on a mission to make insulated shipments as green as possible.


Green Cell Foam is the most eco-friendly packaging available. Made from corn, Green Cell Foam is compostable and biodegradable. We use their top notch shipping coolers, keeping your favorite soups frozen, and our earth a bit greener.


Instapak makes their insulating cushions with Instapak® polyurethane packaging foam, a material that minimizes the amount of packaging used without compromising the protection of shipped goods. That is, your soup is safe with less waste!


Shop local? Us too. We created the perfect, 100% organic flat bottomed tote to help make grocery shopping a (stylish) breeze. These totes are by econscious, an organic and green company that is a proud member of 1% For The Planet. Check it out!



Delicious first. That’s our motto. But now, we are paying a bit more attention to what is not only delicious but also sustainable. It isn’t enough for a supplier to just farm the best carrots, they need to farm the best carrots in the most sustainable manner.


Partners of note: Satur Farms, Joyce Farms, Koch’s Turkey, Square Roots, The Farmer’s Hen, FreeBird Chicken, JUST…the list continues, and it’s long. Most of these are local too, cutting down on emissions from transportation.


We are always continuing to evolve our Suppliers & Friends list. Take a look.


We're so excited to finally be putting a larger emphasis on our commitment to taking care of the planet. Yet we know that it is a never-ending process. Our policies will continue to grow and change, but our commitment will stay the same.

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