Good Stock is Now Serving Breakfast

In many cultures across the world, soup is a common way to start the day. Miso soup, congee, birria, and pho are just a few of the many great breakfast soups. It’s a very healthy, comforting, and often rejuvenating way to start the day. After many questions from our most loyal customers about when we were going to do breakfast, we finally feel like now is the right time. 

Starting today at Urbanspace Vanderbilt and on Carmine St, we will be serving a limited but delicious breakfast menu. We will have:

  • Breakfast Soup - a veal and chicken broth served over roasted spring vegetables and sliced brisket
  • Bone Broth - our standard broth that you know and love
  • Grits - we’re cooking Anson Mills grits each morning and have several delicious toppings for you to choose from: Smoked Bacon & Tomato Marmalade, White Cheddar, and a Slow-cooked Egg
  • A slice of Bien Cuit bread with our house-made apple butter

Breakfast is no longer an afterthought either.

Brisket Soup for Breakfast

Brisket Soup for Breakfast


This Week's Theme: America

Lastly, the spirit of Memorial Day is running through Good Stock right now so we are taking it back to America with our theme this week. All week long we’re be serving these all-American classics - Chicken & Vegetable Soup, Manhattan Clam Chowder, and Cobb Salad. We have four days this week to eat deliciously, so let’s make them count!

Thanks, and have a great week!