The 4th of July Fun Continues

Good morning! 

I hope you had an excellent 4th of July! We certainly did, but we also want to keep the party going. So this week, we're having some fun (yes, more than usual) and are going to take some staples of the backyard BBQ and put them on our menu in the form of Cookout Soup and Better Potato Salad. 

Chef Dave took two 4th of July staples - hot dogs and baked beans - and combined them into a fantastic soup! Cookout Soup is made with all-beef franks, red beans, Fat Tire ale, smoked paprika, a little ketchup and a few other savory ingredients. Garnished with house-made relish, this soup is a tasty and fun little treat. 

For the perfect pairing, may I suggest our Better Potato Salad? We roast gold potatoes, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, and purple potatoes, then toss them all with arugula, celery, and a mixed-mustard dressing. The result truly is a potato salad that is not only better, but healthier too. 

Enjoy the short week and I hope you spend a little of it at Good Stock!