Sweet Corn Week!

Good morning!

One of our favorite times of the year is now upon us. Yes, even though we are a soup company and fewer people want to eat soup in the summer, it's still one of our favorite seasons. Because right now, green markets are absolutely teeming with wonderful, fresh ingredients. And one of our favorites of all is sweet corn, which is the focus of our menu this week.

 The Unknown Favorite, for Two

The Unknown Favorite, for Two


We are featuring this week one of my all-time favorite soups - The Unknown Favorite. This is riff on a  dish Britany and I had at Momofuku Noodle Bar years. They had a corn and jalapeΓ±o salad with coconut as a special, and I thought we may be able to turn it into a soup. So we did! It's essentially a corn, coconut, and green chile chowder. Try saying that five times fast and you'll know why we changed the name. And then try the soup itself and you'll know why our pal Rusty called it The Unknown Favorite.

We're also going to feature a Tomato & Corn Salad. This dish is summer simplicity at its best. Cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, some basil, a little lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. It's how I want to eat right now - simple, fresh, delicious. 

Have a great week!