Introducing Thai Week at Good Stock

Good morning!

We are mixing up the programming a little bit at Good Stock. Many of you enjoy that we change our menu every day, but there are more of you who say “I love that soup! When are you serving it again?” To which we always answer “I don’t know!” because we actually didn’t know (organization is NOT a strong suit of mine). Now, however, we do know. 

Beginning this week, we’re going to feature an ingredient, region, theme, or even a wild idea for one soup and one salad all week. For our first week, we decided to take a little trip to Thailand. Why don’t you join us?


Thai Crab & Fish Curry


We’ll be offering our Crab & Fish Green Curry and our Green Papaya Salad every day this week. Made with pollock, lump crabmeat, and fish fumét, this is a lighter, brighter green curry compared to traditional green curries. It packs a little heat from the curry paste and chiles, but the sweetness of the coconut milk balances it out. It’s one of the best, if not THE best, green curries I’ve ever had, and think (and hope) you’ll enjoy it too. And the Green Papaya Salad is a traditional and delicious sidekick to the curry. Dairy free, gluten free, healthy, and above all, delicious. 

So stop by one of our locations today, tomorrow, or Thursday and take a little trip without leaving NYC.