Good Stock Visits the Caribbean This Week

Good morning!

We've got some new items for you this week. How new? So new that we don't even have pretty pictures of them yet. I know what you're thinking - "Damn, that really IS new." Yep. We're all about truth at Good Stock.

Last week, Chef Dave cooked at an event in Belize. He left the Caribbean with a golden tan, a hangover, and, fortunately for us, some inspiration. So, we'll be serving up some Caribbean deliciousness this week.

Our soup is Chicken Escabeche, which is Belize's most popular soup and often eaten on Sundays and special occasions. It's a very light and flavorful chicken soup, made brighter by the addition of pickled onions. The acidity and lightness is what enables it to be eaten regularly in such a hot culture.

This week's salad is our Caribbean take on a Thai green papaya salad. We're using jicama and chayote in place of the papaya, and adding to that sliced cucumber and a variety of pickled fruit - strawberries, pluots, thomcord grapes, and peaches. It's dressed with lime juice, coconut milk, and a little habanero. A little sweet, a little tart, a touch of heat.

Altogether, we're looking at a menu that's light, refreshing, healthy, and also delicious. The perfect summer meal. 

Have a great week!