Underrated at Smorgasburg: Hash Bar's Staff Snack

I typically run late in setting up for Smorgasburg on Saturdays, as punctuality is not a LeBlanc strong suit. Setting up a mobile restaurant requires many steps, and I rarely leave myself enough time to get them all done before we open (or, are supposed to) at 11am. One thing that I often skip in order to save time is breakfast. This is a more recent blasphemy; accidentally missing meals was never part of my life until I started cooking for others. Go figure. In any case, after loading the car, navigating New York traffic, unloading the car, setting up the tent, and arranging the burners, tables, etc, I am pretty hungry. Fortunately, one of Good Stock’s neighbors at Smorgasburg is Hash Bar. I almost always get the Staff Snack; it never disappoints.

The Staff Snack is comprised of broiled tomatoes, pimiento cheese, and pickled jalapeños all wrapped up in golden hash browns. While not necessarily ingredients name checked in your traditional breakfast, you should trust that they work well in this one. If you need further convincing, the “Staff” in the name should do it, because (Pro Tip) no one knows how to eat better than those who work at a restaurant. So, if the kitchen is making it for itself, it’s almost guaranteed to be delicious. 

You can get the Staff Snack topped with an optional egg over easy, but I’d say it’s mandatory. The soft egg and runny yolk add a smooth richness, and you need that extra protein to get through your day. They also have some house-made sauces to accompany your hash brown wrap, but I top mine with Crystal Hot Sauce, because that’s what I do to at least 82% of things I eat. It should also be mentioned that, if by chance, you had one or two or five too many adult beverages Friday night, the Staff Snack will do you right. Vegetables, a little grease, protein, and some heat from the jalapeños are just what the doctor ordered. 

So, the next time you don’t want to wait in a long line at Smorgasburg, head to Hash Bar and get the Staff Snack. You won’t regret it.