Good Stock & Edible Schoolyard NYC

When I started Good Stock, I wanted to build a special community around it. I wanted it to be a special place for our employees to work. I wanted it to be a special place for customers to visit. And I wanted it to give back to the special place that is New York City. I had the intention of partnering with a charitable organization that shared similar values and was truly making a positive impact. Companies such asPatagoniaOut of PrintTom’s and others set the example of making giving back part of their business, and it’s these companies that we want to emulate.

In my prior corporate life, I volunteered for a couple of days at Edible Schoolyard NYC’s program at P.S. 216 in Gravesend, Brooklyn. I saw up close the amazing work that this organization was doing. To see a bountiful garden in the middle of all of New York’s concrete was a bit shocking. Learning about their mission of promoting food education, healthy choices, and sustainable food systems instantly resonated with me. Fast forward to a couple of years later, it turns out that Edible Schoolyard NYC's office is across the street from our pop-up at West Elm. When Kate Brashares, Executive Director, visited us for lunch one day, it jogged my memory that I needed to refocus on establishing our social cause.

I am extremely happy to announce that we are partnering with Edible Schoolyard NYC to further their mission of helping underprivileged young New Yorkers learn more about food through gardening and kitchen classes. One of Good Stock’s core mantras is that we believe that every meal should be delicious. We think that this is accomplished through using real, wholesome ingredients, typically farmed or produced on a smaller scale, and cooked with care and attention. Edible Schoolyard NYC is the embodiment of this belief. They work to educate children on where food comes from, how it affects the environment, and how to cook it well. These kids are then empowered to make better choices for themselves and their community. It is truly a magical mission, and we are thrilled to work with Edible Schoolyard NYC to achieve common goals.

So, in addition to volunteering and working with this incredible organization, I am happy to say that as of October 1, Good Stock pledges to donate 1% of all of our sales to Edible Schoolyard NYC.