At Good Stock, we believe that every meal should be delicious. Life is too short to not enjoy one of the most elemental aspects of living. Every breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack in between should give you a little bit of happiness with each bite.

We try to do our part in this by making soup. The original comfort food, soup is the ultimate in slow and delicious. It is a dish that has been eaten in every culture across the world for thousands of years. It is nurturing. It is warming. It reminds us of home. Yet we rarely found soup that lived up to our expectations. So, we decided to make it ourselves.

Through the use of high quality ingredients, proper techniques, a maniacal attention to detail, and creative twists, we make soup taste the way it should - great. With Good Stock, soup is no longer an afterthought.

The Founder

Born and raised in Houma, Louisiana, Ben LeBlanc grew up surrounded by a rich culture of food and entertaining. From crawfish boils to game-day gumbos to sazeracs at sunset, eating well and laissez les bon temps rouler is part of the fabric of life in south Louisiana. His professional career took him to New York City, then to London, and back to New York, all the while deepening his love for eating and the integral role that food plays in life.

After years of exploring cuisines from around the world (read: eating far too much!), working on techniques with the help of friends far more talented than he, and missing the gumbo he grew up with, Ben created Good Stock.



Chef David Santos brings a wealth of culinary knowledge to Good Stock. The son of Portuguese immigrants, he was immersed in food, cooking, and the act of sharing meals with friends and family from a young age. After graduating from Johnson & Wales, Dave honed his craft at some of the best restaurants in New York City, including Bouley & Per Se. He then launched Um Segredo, an ever-changing supper club hosted in his apartment, and developed a cult following of supporters. He then opened his own restaurant, Louro, to critical acclaim in 2012. 

After being recruited by Ben, Dave decided to join Good Stock, bringing his creative ideas and rigorous fine-dining techniques to the world of soup. 




Contact Us

Please contact us at info@goodstocksoups.com

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